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skepticism unblocks creativity

By audhill | September 23, 2007

Never underestimate the power of belief, faith and certainty to put the complete cabosh on creativity.

Huh? Faith… isn’t that what we’re all seeking? Well…. maybe not. Here’s a great article from LifeHack that promotes the idea that skepticism and critical faculties have more benefits than certainty. He makes the good argument that faith and certainty can interfere with creativity, ability to see error, adaptation to change. It can encourage you to ignore facts that contradict your beliefs, refuse to look at alternate points of view, undermine a healthy sense of your own fallibility and keep you from finding flaws in your understanding. Okay… I think I get it. Maybe it’s the beginner’s mind I want, always questioning, always seeking… rather than the middleweight mind of she who thinks she has all the answers.

Whew! Permission to be uncertain. I feel better already. Eradicate some other mental blocks to creativity with this list by Copyblogger.

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